Do you want to be the greatest?

Everybody has had a dream of making it big and becoming the best at something. We see people on television who are at the top of their business, and some are even so far ahead of their competitors that they seem superhuman. A regular person wishes they were like them, or that they at least have a small percentage of what they have achieved. The problem is that any show of privilege on camera might not resemble the true situation of these successful people, with many of them facing problems in other areas of their lives. Nevertheless, the successes that the world can provide to just a few, God has made available to all. The only condition is…

When it comes to the spiritual world, we have to have spiritual eyes in order to see God’s great plan. We cannot expect to receive God’s blessing if we are always thinking about ourselves. When we do that, we stand in the way of God, as if we were taking His place. It is only when we make ourselves second to God that He can be free to act upon our lives and make us great.

‘John bore witness of Him and cried out, saying, “This was He of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me is preferred before me, for He was before me”.’ (John 1:15)

John the Baptist was considered by Jesus Himself to be the greatest prophet of all (Matthew 11:11) because he never took credit for his work nor his miracles and everything he did was not for his own benefit. In fact, he always acknowledged that everything he did was in preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He always put God first, and was considered to be the greatest of all the prophets, even though he did not open the Red Sea, call fire from heaven or walk on water like his predecessors. John submitted himself to Jesus’ Lordship. He regarded himself second to Him and ensured that all who came to him would do the same.

God wants to make us great, but we have to put ourselves in second place in everything we do, as nothing can come before Him. If you wish to put Him first, a simple first step for putting that in practice is to become a tither.

Tithing is the most basic way to demonstrate that God is first in our lives because it turns words into action. When we take the first 10% of what we earn and present it to Him, we acknowledge His sovereignty in our lives. We recognise that He is the One who gave us our lives to begin with, the air that we breathe and ability to work for our sustenance.

If you want to place God first in your life by showing Him in practice, join us this Sunday 6 October to become a tither and allow Him to be first in your life (Malachi 3).

Event: Feast of the First Fruits
Date: Sunday 6 October
Time: 10am (also at 7:30am)
Location: Your local UCKG Help Centre

*Tithers are people who understand God’s sovereignty and acknowledge that everything God gives them came from His hands in the first place. That is why they return to Him 1/10th of their earnings in obedience to His Word. If you are not yet a tither or you want to know more about tithing, speak to a pastor at any one of our addresses or call our helpline on 020 7686 6000.