Do you need an urgent answer from God?

put all her trust in God, put your faith into action,

Do you need an urgent answer from God?

Are you in need of an urgent answer in your finances? Maybe you feel like the widow whom the Bible speaks about, who was going to use the last bit of flour and oil she had to make bread for herself and her son, but instead used it to feed the prophet Elijah first. Elijah told the widow that ‘Israel’s God, the Lord, says: “The jar of flour won’t decrease and the bottle of oil won’t run out until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.”’ (1 Kings 17:8–16)

The widow was willing to put all her trust in God and acted on the advice she was given even though she didn’t have enough flour or oil for everyone.

However, by taking the advice she went on to reap the rewards. ‘The widow went and did what Elijah said. So the widow, Elijah, and the widow’s household ate for many days. The jar of flour didn’t decrease nor did the bottle of oil run out, just as the Lord spoke through Elijah.’ (1 Kings 17:8–16)

This message teaches you to take your eyes off your financial problem and to put your faith into action. Don’t be afraid to depend on God. Maybe you are in debt, facing bankruptcy or getting underpaid for what you do. Don’t sit around. Take positive action to make a change.

Do you believe that if you do as she did, you will also see God’s provision in your life? If you say, ‘Yes’, do not fear. Join us this Monday, when you will receive direction from God and do as you hear to be able to reap positive results.

Date: Monday 30 July
 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm)
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