A new controversial trend is the rise – Divorce Selfies

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A new controversial trend is the rise - Divorce Selfies


In this day and age, we can see that the world has definitely changed over the last few years with the emergence of technology, moral values and trends. However, the latest controversial trend is the rise of divorce selfies.

Forget separation ceremonies, now there are #divorceselfies where ex-couples snap themselves smiling outside the court to mark the end of their marriage.

A Canadian duo commemorated their divorce in this style. Shannon and Chris Neuman sent social media into a frenzy when they uploaded a picture of themselves outside Calgary courthouse in Canada in high spirits after filing for divorce.

Many ex-couples have jumped on the bandwagon of the divorce, selfie craze. This new trend has mixed responses, as many people have praised this new way in ‘celebrating’ a divorce; however, it has also caused some controversy, as others perceive it to be a way to promote divorce.

Whichever way you choose to see it, there is one thing that is for sure —no one gets a divorce because they are happy in their marriage. Prevention is better than cure. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent another divorce selfie being uploaded on social media?

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Article and image source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3219138/Divorce-selfies-growing-popularity-couple-poses-smiley-snap-outside-court-capture-end-marriage.html

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    22nd September 2015

    Oh wow what is the world coming to.