Blessing of the Family

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We live in a disposable society. Gone are the days when people would try to fix things before getting rid of them. Some of us come from the generation where if a TV broke for example, we would call someone to fix it, but nowadays it’s cheaper to buy a new product rather than fix the old one. Industries design products with a short shelf-life so that customers need to keep purchasing new versions of them.

Unfortunately, the same mindset is being applied to family relationships. In the past, when someone had a problem, the whole family would usually get together to help that person – even family meetings were called to discuss the situation – but today many give up on fighting for their family members, as if they were disposable.

However, God is the Author of the family, and He created families so that each one could love and take care of each other. As Christians, we are responsible for fighting in prayer for our family members and helping them because we are responsible for fighting for their salvation. We can never “dispose” of them.

If we look at the past, before we came to the presence of God there was someone who cared enough to invite us to church. We were broken, but that person was patient, called us and prayed for us – and maybe that person was a family member. We cannot forget what it’s like to be lost. Problems may arise, sometimes we may go through situations that could make us feel like giving up on our family or marriage, but if we give up, we lose the battle. Even if your family member is a complicated person, keep fighting for them.9W1A7337 scaled

We can never underestimate the strength and value of a family prayer because that’s one of the main weapons God gave us to fight for our loved ones. That’s why this Sunday we will have the Blessing of the Family at all Universal Church branches. Bishop James and Mrs Helena will be at the foyer church entrance of the Rainbow Theatre from 9am laying hands on the family photographs to pass to all families the same blessing that Jesus gave to them.

Don’t miss this important moment and invite a family member to come with you so that they can join your faith in prayer, as the Bible says: “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20).

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Event: Blessing of the Families
Day and time: Sunday, 24 October at 10am
Location: Your local Universal Church