Become a unique selling point

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If a potential employer asked you to list your skills, you may have plenty to write. But how many of those skills are transferable and could be used in a different job role? It might not seem important if you have the necessary skills needed to perform the role, but it’s essential to note that employers could be thinking, “What else can you bring to the table”?

What is a unique selling point? – Businesses are always in competition to win over customers, generate more sales, etc. So companies often introduce a product that will set them apart from their rivals. This is the unique selling point (USP). It can be seen as “what you have that your competitors don’t”.

Although unique selling points are traditionally products, they can be individuals too! So ask yourself, “What can I do that others can’t”. If you have diverse skills, you have a greater chance of landing a job or demanding a pay rise and getting it. All of a sudden employers are chasing you down to offer you the role—and managers are willing to negotiate your contract so that they don’t lose you to rivals.

When you’re an important asset to your company, your job becomes securer. Experts believe that automated machines will take over most office based jobs in the next 20-30 years; we already hear these machines when we call up to pay our bills. Technology will always improve, so how can you stay ahead of the game? Perhaps if you work in retail, you could bring more to the table by training yourself in other areas of the store. This way you’re increasing your job role and creating a greater scope for earning money in your store and elsewhere.

The Monday Independent meetings at the UCKG HelpCentre are designed to help you stand out from the crowd, set goals, and place yourself in a better position financially.