More than a mere bottle of oil

Every maze has an exit, and every dark tunnel has light at the end of it. So, we should keep this in mind whenever we face difficult situations. We are always going to encounter some bumps during our journey in life, hence why we need a bit of direction, protection and treatment. In other words, a little bit of oil.

“Oil?” you ask.

Anointing oil to be exact. It is no ordinary oil. Anointing oil has been used for thousands of years as a tangible point of reference for one’s faith – a way to invoke the help of a Higher power. Everyone’ faith is unique and we encounter all sorts of problems, so the use of the oil is independent of one’s faith.

Without direction, we could end up stuck or make all types of mistakes. How many times have you needed to make an important decision, but delayed because what was right or wrong? Decisions surrounding moving abroad, getting married to your partner, or leaving your job and starting your own business can all be daunting. When you receive direction, you can avoid getting yourself into unwanted situations or be better equipped to deal with them.

Safety will always be one of our top priorities too. Look at the world today; there is no place on this earth that guarantees safety. Travelling on the tube, riding the bus and even walking innocently on the street is not safe anymore. Unfortunately, there is no assurance that your child will return home safely when you send them off to school. What can you do as a parent, brother, sister, husband, wife or friend to ensure the protection of your loved ones and give yourself peace of mind? A drop of oil could be all you need.

However, if you still lack a sense of direction or you have taken every step to protect your loved ones and yourself but to little avail, then maybe it is time to try something new. The anointing oil, along with the use of faith, could provide the answer to your current problems.

Broken families, constant negative thoughts, health issues, unemployment, etc., are just some of the things that could be keeping you awake at night, but you should refuse to accept these conditions. Along with faith, the anointing oil could be used as the glue that binds together your family, brings positivity into your life again, restores your finances, and helps you to make those all-important life decisions.

What will you use it for?

What if everything you wanted could fit inside one bottle?

We spend a lot of time protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Whether it’s a seat belt in a car to prevent any injuries in case of an accident, or, a helmet when we ride a bicycle. Measures are taken on a daily basis to ensure that we are protected from any physical or mental harm. What if you could find all the protection you needed inside one bottle? What if the content of the bottle could create a protective barricade around you and your loved ones?

Broken families, relationships and communities surround us more commonly than we would like. It seems now more than ever that unity is becoming a distant concept. We refuse to see eye to eye, and it has become easier to break relationships than it is to make them. What if, along with faith this one bottle could be used as the glue that binds together and unifies those lost relationships?

Being in a position where you are required to take responsibility for your actions and decisions requires a lot of courage. Not only this, but any decision that will potentially shape your life requires a lot of thought and consideration, and knowing what to do is not always a walk in the park. What if this bottle could provide you with the direction you need?

At times, you will doubt yourself and your ability to make the right choices. At times like this, we all appreciate a bit of guidance. It is in the moments of darkness that we search for the light – for an indication of which way we should go. What if you could find that light was inside this one bottle?

The sentiment with which the bottle is used is what gives it meaning and the conviction with which it is used, is what makes it special. To claim that the bottle alone is powerful would be unjust, as time and time again it has proved to awaken faith within those who use it.

At the UCKG HelpCentre, we work with you to direct you through these situations in life. We are here to show you that there is a way out and that you can find answers. We believe that there is a solution for your troubles.

We used the Anointing Oil

Discover the modern take on the ancient method… that works!

I used the oil and found favour

Oniesha Palmer

The heart of the “Ice Queen”

Lynda Akorovwe

My faith led to my success

Reggie Nelson

What could be worse than living a positive life but having the past come back to haunt you? When Oniesha Palmer was faced with this situation, she decided to put her faith to the test rather than panic or crumble. Continue reading to find out what happened next.

“In November of last year, before I came to learn about God and the UCKG HelpCentre, a situation from the past arose, and it was a huge setback in my spiritual life. I was charged with theft and grievous bodily harm. If convicted, I would have to serve a minimum of two years in jail.

I ended up spending two nights in a police cell. It was horrible. I wasn’t supposed to be released until the 30th of January. I started to fast and didn’t eat for those two nights, determined that I would get out one way or another. My mum hired a solicitor, who then managed to get me bail from November until my trial date in January.

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First, you are on a high from this amazing feeling inside. You cannot stop thinking about each other. However, something stops you from throwing yourself completely into the situation, and the relationship is eventually called to a halt. Meet Lynda Akorovwe. She was convinced that, by not getting emotionally attached, she could avoid heartbreak, but ended up bringing it upon herself. 

“I had been badly hurt by men in my past relationships; so I would hurt anyone I dated before they had an opportunity to hurt me. However, deep down this was hurting me more. I met Ese at the UCKG HelpCentre in Stratford. We were both carrying out voluntary work. We started to talk; then we dated for a year. I still felt cautious, and so I would not open up to him, which made me appear cold.


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During his time at university, Reggie Nelson wanted to acquire an internship whilst he was studying. His aim was to make himself more credible after graduating. He wanted to be a step ahead in his quest for success. 

“I wanted to be proactive and decided to take initiative. I researched various companies on LinkedIn and found the names of high profile people working at those firms.

I chose a day in the week to approach these various firms to ask for an internship. I approached around six to eight companies. Each time I would introduce myself at the reception desk, and ask to speak to the people I had researched via LinkedIn.

Before I left my house that day, I used the anointing oil to anoint my head, and I used the water that was blessed on Sunday too.

A few months after I had approached these companies, I received an email from one of them – a hedge fund financial institution – offering me an internship. The employee who contacted me said that the director had forwarded my details to them.

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A mixture of faith and oil brings blessings

Efe Eghobamien

Elevating myself   El evating myself

Tombi Eghobamien

Back on the right path  right path

Uyi Eghobamien

No doubt every parent wants to see the best for his or her child later in life, whether in regard to education, finance, general wellbeing, or family. 

It is one thing to think and wish for it, but another thing all together to take action. Efe Eghobamien was a doer! 

So, when the opportunity came for him to give his family the best opportunities possible, you can be sure that he took it. 

“My son was born the same year that I came to the UCKG HelpCentre. While I was attending the different meetings at the HelpCentre, and as the years passed, I also learned the importance of blessing your household. Not only did I learn about how the oil was used in the past, but I heard many encouraging stories where it was used to instigate protection and other positive things in the lives of those who used it in faith. So, I decided to be proactive because I did not want any negative situations to befall my family before I made a move.”

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Behind every great man is a great woman. Before Tombi Eghobamien came to the UCKG, she and her husband were not where they wanted to be financially. But it was the character and faith that she showed which helped them to get to where they are now. 

“My life before attending the Centre was up and down. I did not have a proper job and as well as struggling financially, my son was suffering from asthma at five months old. My sister was the one who introduced me to the HelpCentre. She invited me to witness her taking part in a special initiation, which both my husband and I attended.”


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When teenagers hit the latter stages of adolescence, they become more curious about life. “I want to live life.” “Am I missing out?” These thoughts, and the need to fit in with their peers, can cause them to make rash decisions in life. Uyi had the same mindset at first. Continue reading to see what changed. 

“I feel blessed because I grew up attending the UCKG HelpCentre and my family had a strong sense of faith. However, my background and knowledge did not stop me foolishly seeking life’s pleasures. I was always partying with friends, etc. At university, my desire increased, and it proved to have a detrimental effect on my university work, my finances, and my confidence. This was not obvious because I was a different person at home compared to who I was with my friends.


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It worked for me!k  ed for me!right path

Rosângela Gozi

This mother’s faith became her son’s lifeline

Janine Onawelo

I believe anointing oil helped me beat my 20-year addiction  right path

Leah Viegas de Abreu

Holidays are an eagerly-awaited time because you get to spend them with friends or loved ones and take a break from the busy work life. But Rosângela’s holiday could have been one to remember for all the wrong reasons!

“When I travelled to Brazil on holiday, I took the opportunity to visit my brother. He is known by a lot of people because he has his own supermarket and is doing well financially.


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“My son began to have breathing difficulties. We took him to the hospital and were then advised to take him to Great Ormond Street hospital instead, as they had the facilities needed there. In the meantime, his breathing was becoming increasingly worse and he was put in intensive care on a life support machine. He was also connected to a kidney machine due to the fact his kidneys were bruised because of the breathing difficulties.

They carried out so many tests but just could not find what the problem was. At one point, he even began bleeding through his nose and mouth. I was crying and beside myself with worry. I would never wish that pain and worry on anyone.

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How much of an influence does addiction have in your life? In the case of Leah de Abreu, her addiction was very powerful. When she started smoking from the age of 13, she may not have considered how difficult it would be to break free from the habit. 

“Smoking grew into a serious addiction for 20 years of my life. I would smoke around 40 cigarettes per day and spend about £70 on it per week. It was so bad that, if I had to choose between having a meal or a cigarette, I would choose the cigarette. Whenever I was stressed, I smoked to calm down.

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