And the Address for HAPPINESS is…?

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And the Address for HAPPINESS is...?

Have you ever seen someone chasing the wind? This seems to be the path that humanity is on. Everyone is on a frantic search, putting all their strength into achieving what they consider to be happiness. In an attempt to achieve it first, the strong trample over the weak.

Many people allow themselves to be carried away by the winds of luck, saying, ‘Who knows? Maybe one day, my life will change.’ As a result, they live day-to-day, keeping their fingers and everything else crossed.

Those who are sick search for happiness in their healing. For them, health is the most important thing. Others believe that happiness lies in professional achievements and that money is the secret to a happy life.

For the lonely or frustrated in love, happiness lies in finding their other half. Consequently, they surrender to love affairs as though it were a lottery game and end up getting disappointed repeatedly.

Most people have been losing themselves in this quest. The more they search, the more they sink into quicksand. It reaches the point where they question the existence of happiness, as atheists do regarding the existence of God.

So, does happiness really exist? And if it does, where and how can it be achieved? To answer this question, we invite you to browse through this website, paying attention to the ‘case studies’ section. You will find real-life stories of people who, like millions – or billions – of others, were in the pursuit of happiness, struggling to overcome problems in different areas of their lives.

However, they found a place where – taking one step at a time – they learned that what they thought was practically impossible, was actually closer than they could have imagined.

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