A three fold blessing

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A three fold blessing“We were both young and healthy and we had no illnesses, so why couldn’t I have a child? 

At the time, I’d been married to my husband for 10 years, and we’d done everything a husband and wife could do to have a child of our own. We tried everything from NHS hospitals to high street herbal remedies. We obeyed the doctor’s orders and visited fertility specialists. We even went on special ‘fertility diets’ to aid our chances of having a child of our own.

My hope of conceiving was slowly taking a toll on my marriage. I felt like less of a woman to my husband, Lucas. I was unable to do what women were given the ability to do. At one point, I even told my husband that we should separate, because there was no point in our marriage. We both really wanted a family of our own and me being unable to bear a child made it seem as if our marriage was meaningless.

One evening as Lucas was watching TV, he came across a channel from the UCKG HelpCentre. He listened to what the spiritual adviser was saying and it motivated him to have belief that our situation could change for the better.

The next day, we called the number we’d seen on the screen and spoke to a spiritual adviser at our local UCKG branch. He advised us to take part in the meetings on Tuesdays for healing. An opportunity arose for us to really put our case before God by participating in a Campaign of Israel. We did all we could by fasting, praying and reading the Word of God more. We presented our vow to God and trusted in Him.

We realised that everything we’d been doing to have a family, the trips to the doctor, and the practice of our faith had paid off when I discovered I was pregnant. Words couldn’t express our happiness at the news. We’d finally be able to have a family.

Within 5 years, we’d had three children. It was unbelievable because I’d previously struggled to even have one. But this was possible when we put our faith in action, and listened to the advice of both the doctors and spiritual advisers.

My husband and I are very happy and consider ourselves more blessed than we could have ever imagined. We have three healthy children but not only that, we have also restored the love in our marriage and love one another deeply.”

Mary Pedro, Hackney 

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