A Man of Goals

improve my life goals,


A Man of GoalsThe IntelliMen Project has helped me in so many ways, and one of the ways it aided me was for me to become a man of goals. Before I took part in this challenge, I didn’t know how I would go about reaching my ambitions. But through the tasks, the project has taught me to prepare myself on a daily and weekly basis in order to reach my aspirations in life. Furthermore, the challenges have helped me develop character, improve my punctuality and communications skills— and even more so, helped me discipline myself in areas including my dressing, food and health.

The IntelliMen Project has had a big impact on my brothers, too. They were able to make a change individually when they saw my determination to improve my life goals. The project has played a huge part in bringing us closer together as siblings.”

Michael Junior Onafowokan

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