A Key Ingredient

achieve something that is out of the ordinary,

A Key Ingredient
Determination. According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, it is “the quality that makes you continue trying to do something even when this is difficult.”

This trait is an essential ingredient in order to achieve something that is out of the ordinary, which is what Chris Nikic accomplished when he became the “first person with Down’s Syndrome to become an official Iron Man.”*

The 21 year old from Florida recently swam 2.4 miles, cycled 112 miles, and ran for 26.2 miles to complete the Iron Man Race in 16 hours, 46 minutes and nine seconds.

“Being the first person with Down’s Syndrome is a great feeling,” Nikic told TODAY, prior to the event. “I can prove to kids that if I can do it, they can do it, too.”

Chris NikicYou can do incredible things as long as you are determined that you will and are ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You could have had the worst upbringing, have a disability, or be at a disadvantage to others in some shape or form, but none of that matters as long as you are determined.

Determination is what enables you to achieve your dreams. It pushes you when discouragement tries to be a stumbling block and it enables you to stay focused when it seems that nothing is happening.

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