Left with no option

My hair salon business had been based inside of my home for the past ten years. It was very successful and was all going so well. I had a constant flow of customers and my customers were recommending their friends too. For someone one who was once illegal in the country with no appropriate place to live, God truly blessed me through my faith in the Campaign of Israel.

However, when things go well, we can sometimes become relaxed, and that’s what happened to me. I became a bit relaxed. The worst moment was when my landlord unexpectedly decided that he wanted the house, and required my husband and me to leave. Even after pleading and trying to reason with him, we weren’t given any explanation, so instead of us complaining and blaming others, I took part in a Campaign again. When the Campaign was announced, I didn’t hesitate to jump headfirst.

The fear to sacrifice was there, because our future depended on it. We barely had a place to live so you can imagine how fear really kicked in. I knew that if God didn’t answer my request, we would be in a terrible situation. I had a passion for hairdressing and I didn’t want anything to kill that dream. After presenting my sacrifice, I still had to fight for what I wanted. There were so many options, but nothing was working. This was until I found the perfect space for a hair salon business, which I can say was truly a blessing.

The place was well located, in a busy area, spacious and newly refurbished. Many people were offering the landlord much more money than we could afford to match. The lease was £150,000, but because of my sacrifice, God opened every door for us. The landlord accepted my proposal; we paid what we could and now I have my own authentic business with a station for a beautician, a kitchen for the staff, a waiting room, a place for manicure and pedicure with so much more. This is only the beginning of greater things to come!

Debora Nepomuceno
Stamford Hill