Under the influence

Imagine being labelled as the black sheep of your family. Despised simply because of your gender. Plagued with insecurities and questioning your existence because of the constant reminder of what you turned out not to be.


Facing my assassin

It can wreck the family home, consume one’s finances, destroy the body both inside and out and cause the mind to become a desert and wasted organ.


The diary of a schizophrenic

They would bombard my mind constantly. I didn’t want to hear them, but they didn’t go away. Day in, day out they would loom over me and there seemed to be no way to escape them. …


Secrets of a former self-harmer

On Thursday 6th February, various news sources reported the death of 16-year-old schoolgirl, Sasha Steadman, who overdosed after visiting websites encouraging suicide and self-harm. With the horrific glorification dispersed throughout the Internet, it’s no wonder that …


Controlled by the enemy

“My throat is tied up, I can’t scream and my body feels paralysed. I need to go to the bathroom but I’m afraid. I’m afraid ‘he’ is going to grab me and I won’t be able …


Blinded by rage

I was one of those statistics that say more than 1 million children in the UK have no contact with their father while they are growing up, a figure that is growing by 20,000 a year. I …


Hooked, broke and alone

Imagine yourself approaching someone on the street, and as you get closer they suddenly vanish into thin air. Crazy right or maybe even far-fetched? But for me back then, this was normal.



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