Chain of Prayer

“I took up the chain challenge to break free from the fast lane”

You’d think that having all you’ve ever wanted at the snap of a finger would bring happiness… So why did George feel empty and depressed most of the time?


Five years sick, until I made a Chain of Prayer!

My condition, also known as “shock”, made me physically and emotionally drained. I was in and out of hospital with no permanent relief. I suffered for five years until I found the UCKG HelpCentre.


I found the love of my life!

After a failed engagement, I saw marriage as nothing more than a fairytale.


Now I sleep like a baby

I would wake up with bruises on my arms that were not there before going to bed.I didn’t know how I could free myself from those unseen powers that harassed and tormented me. I could feel them, hear them and see them; my life was like a scene from a horror movie! I became a wreck.


I gave it a try and it worked!

When I first began coming to the UCKG HelpCentre, I was introduced to the Chain of Prayer on Sundays.


Sisters by chance, but best friends by choice

It’s easy to find dysfunctional families and we were no different.


Menace to society turns Olympic torchbearer

On Monday 23rd July, in the borough of Sutton, onlookers watched from the sides as the Olympic torch passed by them. It was a significant and proud moment, and so they cheered, clapped their hands and documented the occasion with pictures. But what makes this particular torch journey momentous for the FIA was the person who carried it. Donning the converted polished Olympic tracksuit, Venetia Palmer ran past to the hails and praises of spectators and viewers.