A sinister tale of the “baby blues”

I remember my childhood clearly, when I lived back home in Brazil. I can recall the beatings, the abuse, the abandonment and the unhappiness.


I would lash out at the smallest things

The relationship that my husband and I had a few years ago was far from a bed of roses. I was never content with anything. I had a short temper and would lash out at the smallest things.


United we stand

To say that my family was a mess would be an understatement! We were not united at all!


The Leon Family

See how the Leon family came from a past of destruction and separation to become a family full of love and unity despite all the odds.


Enemies under the same roof

“We despised each other. We couldn’t talk to one another because whenever we did, it would turn into a heated argument and physical fights.


After 11years, we got him back!

“Although we lived in the same house together, we were like complete strangers…” When my older brother passed away, my whole family was shaken by the event.


When ‘I don’t’ comes after ‘I do’

When I first met my husband, Michael, things were a bed of roses. We both suited each other perfectly and we could see our future was brighter than ever — that was until he started having trust issues with me because I had a crowd of friends.