Transformation of Life

Good girl gone bad

Having faith has never been such a distant concept for me. I believed in God and I had all the principles, as people do, but I chose to abandon them.



I had just received tremendous news! I would be moving to England, a country known for its wealth, power and many opportunities. I was 8 years old and all I could do was imagine how lucky I was…


I made a U-Turn in my…

…entire life! I was married, but was not happy. I had a family, but it lacked unity. I yelled at everyone for no reason, and instead of loving me, my children feared me.


In pursuit of happiness

“Caring for a child with health problems profoundly affects the physical health, mental health and work attendance of parents, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.”


All that glitters is not always gold

Life looked great! I had everything I could possibly want – my needs were catered for and I did not have a care in the world. I was in the most perfect relationship.


A Soldier’s Story

Do you believe in second chances?


I didn’t believe I could be happy

Often we hear those who have been disappointed in life blaming God for their misfortunes. They indignantly cry out that if God exists, why does he let people suffer?



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