Transformation of Life

“I was the problem”

I came to the UK with the intention of trying to establish my own life for the good of my children. Back home, I was only able to make ends meet and couldn’t provide for them the way I wanted to.


A change of direction

I started smoking weed at the age of 12 because I thought it was normal. Everyone else was doing it, so why couldn’t I?


“Her invitation was my lifeline”

I wouldn’t be married today if it weren’t for Samantha. In fact, I would still be heavily addicted to alcohol, using weed, and I would have been to prison a lot more than nine times…


At an all-time low

Having to live with depression was even the little money that I received was like having a grey cloud constantly looming over my head, pouring a mixture of frustration, dissatisfaction and down-right misery over every single area of my life.


The place I could always come back to

My story begins at home. This is the first place you are brought to after you’ve been born; it’s the place you always come back to. For me, home was everything.


Learning to smile after years of tears

“I no longer cry in anguish behind closed doors or live a double life; in fact today my life has an entirely different meaning.”


I finally have a reason to smile

“The emptiness that I felt ate away at me like a disease…