Transformation of Life

All that glitters is not always gold

Life looked great! I had everything I could possibly want – my needs were catered for and I did not have a care in the world. I was in the most perfect relationship.


A Soldier’s Story

Do you believe in second chances?


I didn’t believe I could be happy

Often we hear those who have been disappointed in life blaming God for their misfortunes. They indignantly cry out that if God exists, why does he let people suffer?


We’re finally living what we imagined

Imagine living the life you have always dreamed of; the marriage, the house, the car that you imagined, despite how impossible it seemed. Well, Jethro and Stephanie can prove to you that the extraordinary can happen to anyone…


He called me STUPID but now I’m a PROPERTY OWNER

Once called a “stupid woman” by her husband. Lucy Parkinson, a landlord of several properties shares her story of how she was denied education by her father for most of her childhood and getting into a 23 year marriage, which she describes as a ‘marriage from hell.’


Face of a boy, attitude of a man

Alcohol was something that I was familiar with from a ridiculously young age. I had my first taste of the deadly drink at four years old; my uncle gave me a sip and would do this on a regular basis.


“I lived a reckless life and I didn’t care!”

I never had anyone to look up to as a positive influence. Role models were basically non-existent. Initially, my parents’ marriage was blossoming but gradually their relationship began to disintegrate and eventually they divorced.



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