Health and Spiritual Healing

I couldn’t hold my baby

I had always dreamt of using my hands to bring my imagination to life.


A daughter’s world is turned upside down

All it took was one day, and Liliana’s decent family went from bad to worse. “One early morning all I could hear was ‘Lili, help me! Lili please help me!’


Out of 100,000 people, why me?

“How did I out of 100,000 people, end up with a rare medical condition? Why me? After six weeks of being in hospital, I was diagnosed with Anti-Jo 1 inflammatory myopathy (a respiratory disease), which affects one in every 100,000 people.


A three fold blessing

“We were both young and healthy and we had no illnesses, so why couldn’t I have a child?


“I’d have to take up to 12 tablets a day!”

The human body is delicate. Any small complication can have a drastic effect. Sometimes illnesses are self- inflicted through bad habits; other times it’s completely unexpected, but there is always hope…


She looked right down the hole in my stomach…

“It all began very suddenly, but the cause was far from recent. The unexpected pain in my stomach caused me to vomit during the night and I would fall in and out of consciousness.


I love my family that much…

In November 2009, the Campaign of Israel was announced in the UCKG HelpCentre and I had decided to take part in it to transform my financial situation.