How could I be the breadwinner with no income

“Being made redundant brought my entire world crashing down…


One idea goes a long way

I had no idea that the Campaign of Israel would create a potential avenue for financial success.


A hopeless dream turns to reality

I could have called my grandmother, “mum”. She was more deserving of the title. A bitter and hostile environment was not the right setting for a two- month-old child to grow up in, and so, I was taken to live with her.


No longer the average girl

Average, mediocre, ordinary. Would you describe your life using these words? Do you respond to the question, “How are things going?” with, “They’re good?”


The secret to success is…

People want wealth and comfort, just as much as they want someone to share it with. They live their lives building a happy family and working hard for financial security.


From homeless to project manager

Unemployment and the lack of financial resources are huge factors that affect today’s society. Despair settles in and this destroys many marriages.


An uneducated millionaire

Due to my health conditions, I got into debt of $80,000 on medication and health care. I was constantly in and out of hospital. I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t pay my bills.



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