An uneducated millionaire

Due to my health conditions, I got into debt of $80,000 on medication and health care. I was constantly in and out of hospital. I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t pay my bills.


Dreams can come true!

Many people around the globe consider the UK as a land of opportunity, a place to make a fresh start, to forget the past and begin a new chapter in the journey of life.


Bailiffs were constantly knocking on my door…

I grew up with a lot of greed inside my heart and hatred towards my family. I had a criminal record because of the fraudulent activities I was involved in and I was in deep in debts.


“I wasn’t progressing at all and it became frustrating!”

I was unsatisfied with my financial situation and was feeling stuck in the job that I had. I wasn’t moving up or progressing at all, and it was very frustrating.


He qualifies the unqualified

I was all smiles as I had finally graduated in International Business and HR. I didn’t want to waste time at home doing nothing with my degree.


The answer to my problems

I ended up living on my own from the age of 16/17. I started college and was on income support, but this wasn’t enough to cover my expenses.


Living a miserable life

My house was filled with arguments and fights. My father left when I was seven, and because he was aggressive, my brothers and sisters copied his character; three of my four brothers had been to prison at least twice.



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