Bishop Edir Macedo

Have you been a servant?

The credentials of a servant of God are not titles. Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, bishop, assistant, doctor of theology, doctor of philosophy and other such things do not characterize a true servant.


Who are you depending on?

What is the most important thing to you? When we read the Bible, we see that there are two words which are very precious.


Mind vs the heart

It doesn’t matter if you’re angry, sad, happy, if it feels good or if feels bad. Do what you have to do; it doesn’t matter whether you feel like it or if your heart feels like it. Use your head. Let your intelligence guide you and you’ll see how the fruit that you start reaping will be much better than the ones you’ve reaped thus far.


The reason why negativity prevails in your life


The secret of faith

Many Christians have faith in their hearts and because of this many of them are destroyed. For the reason that when it’s time for them to come to fight against the devil, they lose.


How to live by faith


How to conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

Which is easy to conquer? Blessings, money, success, marriage or the kingdom of Heaven.