Case Studies

We said “I do” again after 13 years

I was shocked, not to mention hurt and angry. How could he? The surprise of that slap to my face made me question the very day I had said “I do.” Where had our marriage gone wrong? It was the first time my husband laid his hands on me, but it wouldn’t be the last.


Getting rid of Mr Right now!

As I walked down the aisle in my white dress, I looked at my prince standing at the end waiting for me. I had made it; seven years of waiting had all been worth it…


No longer the average girl

Average, mediocre, ordinary. Would you describe your life using these words? Do you respond to the question, “How are things going?” with, “They’re good?”


The secret to success is…

People want wealth and comfort, just as much as they want someone to share it with. They live their lives building a happy family and working hard for financial security.


From homeless to project manager

Unemployment and the lack of financial resources are huge factors that affect today’s society. Despair settles in and this destroys many marriages.


A Soldier’s Story

Do you believe in second chances?


I didn’t believe I could be happy

Often we hear those who have been disappointed in life blaming God for their misfortunes. They indignantly cry out that if God exists, why does he let people suffer?



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