Case Studies

Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel

I could see who he was talking to. I watched every word as he typed away, talking to a woman I didn’t know. He had never said things to me before like what he was saying to this woman.


I re-discovered my value

Single, in a relationship, dating, married, divorced… For many women – whether they’ll freely admit it or not – their relationship tag has become a status symbol.


Mean Streets: The life I left behind

“It was embarrassing. I knew that everyone passing by my house could hear my mum and dad fighting. Because of where my home was located in Jamaica, who couldn’t?


A sinister tale of the “baby blues”

I remember my childhood clearly, when I lived back home in Brazil. I can recall the beatings, the abuse, the abandonment and the unhappiness.


Under the influence

Imagine being labelled as the black sheep of your family. Despised simply because of your gender. Plagued with insecurities and questioning your existence because of the constant reminder of what you turned out not to be.


Facing my assassin

It can wreck the family home, consume one’s finances, destroy the body both inside and out and cause the mind to become a desert and wasted organ.


The diary of a schizophrenic

They would bombard my mind constantly. I didn’t want to hear them, but they didn’t go away. Day in, day out they would loom over me and there seemed to be no way to escape them. …



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