Case Studies

The place I could always come back to

My story begins at home. This is the first place you are brought to after you’ve been born; it’s the place you always come back to. For me, home was everything.


Learning to smile after years of tears

“I no longer cry in anguish behind closed doors or live a double life; in fact today my life has an entirely different meaning.”


Of love and money

“My husband’s success meant everything to him, much more than I did…


How could I be the breadwinner with no income

“Being made redundant brought my entire world crashing down…


What did I do to lose his love?

“I still remember the desperation I felt when I came home to find my now ex-husband surrounded by suitcases…


I finally have a reason to smile

“The emptiness that I felt ate away at me like a disease…


One idea goes a long way

I had no idea that the Campaign of Israel would create a potential avenue for financial success.



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