The power of a woman

All my mother ever did was complain about me, nothing I ever did was good enough for her; she lived calling me names.

Last week, when I was talking with some friends, we decided to talk about our roots, and as incredible as it seems a woman influenced us to make mistakes later on… How strange, right? We are mothers, friends, beloved daughters, and at the same time we can sometimes be the most troublesome …

It’s very dangerous to be a woman. You may be a woman and not even what a danger and risk you are. No, I’m not saying, you’re not a psychological terror; you don’t have to turn yourself in to the Police Station. It’s not that kind of dangerous we’re talking about, but about the power of influence women have.

Don’t think I’m exaggerating; you’ll see how easily a man is influenced by a woman. You’ll see that in one way or another you have influenced you’re husband, son, friend.., in a positive or negative way.

In a negative or even in a desperate way, a woman can purposefully use her natural charm to get what she wants. Even if this means getting what she wants the wrong way she’ll get what she wants quickly – even if she loses her virtue in the process.
She can also influence her friends with evil comments about other people. She can put her husband down and make him feel like a nothing with her destructive criticism, and she can even bring someone down so deep, they go into an abyss without much effort.

The worst is that sometimes she doesn’t even need words. A look is enough, a gesture, raising her eyebrows, a deep breath toward a certain situation… They are simply details, but just as powerful as bullets in a gun. Now do you understand why a woman is so dangerous? Because, she doesn’t need so much to influence, she doesn’t need to give a speech or swing punches. She just needs to make a facial expression and the fire starts. And I don’t think this is cruel or unjust, because influence is a power for good or evil. She has the power to take her husband to heaven or hell, there’s no middle ground.

Do you remember what happened to Adam? He was the first man on the face of the earth, created by God’s hands. He had a great relationship with God, he was above the other creations, but when he was influenced by his wife Eve, it was over for him.

Just between us… Adam was probably sorry to have ever listened to Eve. He was probably the poor guy who invented the saying: “It’s better to be alone than in bad company.”

But all jokes aside, the devil knows women have a power – whether she’s conscious of it or not. And you know if she doesn’t watch, she can be an instrument for evil. That’s what happened to Eve. That’s what happens too many of us.
So how can we use this power of influence in a positive way?

In truth, a woman who influences with wisdom knows her role is to serve. She serves because she loves, because she fears and follows God’s direction. Due to this, she doesn’t judge people after just one glance. She doesn’t make others feel like she’s a know it all who is the only one who’s right. She doesn’t show herself to be so self-righteous – because she knows very well that she’s not perfect. She doesn’t knock down but lifts up those around her. That’s why her husband feels good by her side because she doesn’t impose anything on him, but simply advises. She doesn’t criticize him, but alerts him. She doesn’t make him feel inferior, but she respects him and puts him where he stands out.

She does this because she knows God. Not that she’s religious, but because she keeps a deep and intimate relationship with God. That’s why she knows the right time to speak – and she knows what to say. Because one day she craved to know the Holy Spirit, she gave time to time and learned how to use wisdom, and accomplished to bring her family closer to God

That’s why a woman is a helper and not a manipulator. She has the privilege and gift from God to do what His Spirit does, behaving in the same gentle and natural way He acts. But for this she must be sensible to His voice – she should also know how to distinguish voices so she knows who she’s listening to.

Cristiane Cardoso

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