Afraid? Me? Of what?

Why are some people “afraid” to admit they are “afraid”?

Only those who have not been born yet or are already dead are not “afraid”!

Take a look at what the Bible says:

So Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed…” Genesis 32.7

The heroes of faith were only heroes because they overcame their fears, but they were all afraid.

This is what happened with Gideon. If he was not afraid, where was he during the seven years that the Midianites, Amalekites and the people of the East dominated Israel? He was also hiding inside the caves, like the rest of the nation of Israel, helpless before their threats. Gideon was not born the same day that he was called. He was there from the beginning, when the enemy began taking control, but, like everyone else, he was also imprisoned by fear.

I’m sure many are wondering: So, why did God chose him and use him to deliver his people? Because he overcame his fears and understood that as long as he was a slave to his fears, he would also be a slave to his enemies. This understanding made it easier for him to get over his fears. But keep in mind that, even though he was afraid, he was also revolted!

Those who revolt against unrighteousness and the shame that is overpowering their lives will have to face and overcome their fears before facing and overcoming their enemies!

Overcome your fears and you will make all the difference! In the hands of God, you will also be a strong ally in making a change in your life and the lives of those around you!

Bishop Guaracy Santos

Bp Edir Macedo
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