Hammersmith 2012

The UCKG HelpCentre is buzzing with its recent victory! It will be opening in Hammersmith in just a few months time and this is amazing! Part of the excitement has to got to do with the injustice that it suffered at the hand of its landlord in its rented premises in Shepherd Bush. After over ten years at its address in shepherd bush, the HelpCentre was given less than 24-hours to find an alternative place to hold its meetings!

The sheer injustice was the fact that the UCKG had been faithful in fulfilling its obligations under the contract but now faced with eviction. Nonetheless, instead of arguing, the HelpCentre raised its cry to God and without delay He answered, giving us a building in the heart of Hammersmith. The new address is situated in the centre of the borough encompasses train lines where around a whopping twenty-seven million people use every year.

The Kingdom of God is about to get bigger as an immense about of people could be saved from this building alone. The inauguration of which is schedule to be in 2-3months time.

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