CBC – Children’s Biblical Centre meeting

Investing in children

It was reported that a 9-year-old girl gave birth by caesarean section to a baby boy in China. Reports like this makes it clear that it has become increasingly difficult to keep children as children. It is near impossible to preserve their innocence; no matter who you are or where you are from. Without the correct guidance and teaching, children often lose their innocence. This is why the Children’s Biblical Centre (CBC) is in place at every UCKG HelpCentre, working with parents to assist their children to grow up with the right guidance in this world that is moving at thousands of paces. Earlier this month, all biblical educators led by UK leader, Mrs Graziela Lima, gathered for a general meeting at Finsbury Park to take the CBC to new heights.

When asked about this event, Mrs Lima said, “Our main objective is to take the CBC to a higher level. We have established plans and are now fulfilling them. We are growing and we will grow even more with discipline, communication and the collaboration of everyone.”

The interactive meeting, which introduced the Team of Faith, unveiled plans such as works that will be done to enhance the CBC classrooms, to divide equipment and to introduce new uniforms for all biblical educators, some of which will be implemented as soon as November. The CBC is working closely with parents to ensure that our children remain children who will grow with the wisdom and fear of God. The CBC is investing greatly in these children because they are the future. Excited attendee Katerina, from Stamford Hill said, “The event was perfect. I really enjoyed it and I am excited about the plans, which are very organised, to enable us to give a perfect service to God.” Anu, from Peckham, echoed her views by saying, “It has made me see the CBC in a new light, putting our all into what we do, these children can become men and women of God who can make positive contributions to their communities.” For more information about the CBC, please contact a biblical educator at your local branch or speak to your pastor.

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