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We are living in a fast paced society by which technology and broadcasting media is developing rapidly. The word of God has and will always be effective in every form and when it comes to the case where we have to ‘become a Jew to save the Jews,’ media also has its way when it comes to spreading the Good news! Over the years we have seen thousands of people receiving the necessary help that they needed through various evangelisation tools.

There are those who stand today free from a life of abuse simply because they received an encouraging leaflet through their letterbox, others have picked up an abandoned City News paper on their way to work without knowing that it was an invitation to receive guidance on how to be debt free. We can never underestimate the way people encourage others through word of mouth, but there is an audience that has also been catered to through TV and Radio. Programmes such has Finding Answers has inspired and uplifted individuals who thought that their life was coming to a dead end. “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

Making the most of media in its effectiveness in to others around the world will be a primary goal for 2012. You may have seen and heard of many testimonies over this last year that have encouraged and inspired others to manifest their faith in God, why not recommend one of the sites below to a friend or family who can benefit from this today!


Where U Goin?

Abuse, street violence, past hurts, addiction, unresolved issues… you name it. These young people have been through very traumatic experiences early in life. While many youths get trapped in this cycle believing there is no way out, the Where U Going? Crew is a living proof that a change is possible. Created and sponsored by the Victory Youth Group (VYG), the Where U Going? Project is available for whoever wants to try a different lifestyle. Far from trouble, free from addictions, and up for new challenges.

Completely different from most youth groups, we combine a series of fun activities, one-to-one advice, and a positive environment.

Watch us on TV soon, check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, listen to us on the radio, and visit us at the VYG. You won’t regret it!

So tune in every Saturdays 4pm on Sky Channel 203.


Love Talk

Whether you are single, dating or married, Love Talk aim is to help you with all matters of the heart, and lead you to a successful relationship.

Twice a week we bring new and exciting topics and you can also participate by sending in your emails and even suggesting your topics of interest. This new TV Show hosted by James and Helena Marques is a nice and easy going type.

They have both known each other for twelve years and have been married for 11 years now and having been married at a young age has forced them to also learn fast how to make their relationship work.

On the show they will be open to share their own experiences and how they overcame serious situations too.

Join them as they unveil the truths and myths about relationships and how relationships needn’t be complicated.

An intelligent approach to the subject of love.

So tune in every Tuesday at 7pm or watch the repeat on Thursdays 7pm on Sky channel 203.


Chrissy B Show

A brand new talk show hosted by Chrissy B…an honest, down-to-earth presenter who’s been through a lot, loves life and will tell it how it is.

This show features relevant issues current in the public eye and tackle lifestyle, health issues and much more with the aim to provide information, solutions and entertainment.

For more information, contact

Watch the Chrissy B Show live programme on My Channel – Sky 203, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30pm live.


DKW (A Different Kind of Woman)

DKW (A Different Kind of Woman) is a show that teaches women that they don’t have to follow some of the bad trends of society to be accepted, but that real beauty comes through being different. How to be different? Well, you’ll just have to watch the show to find out.

The show also gives viewers a light-hearted, sensitive, balanced and informative peek into women and all their complexities – the good, the bad, and the not-so-hot.

Led by Christoulla Boodram, with Nanda Bezerra, Jennifer Mensah, Moti Bernardino, Samantha Dixon, Lisa Hodgkinson and new presenter Gemma Leon, the DKW team delve into the topics that both men and women enjoy exploring – from love and romance to careers, health, family and self-motivation.

Watch the DKW live programme on My Channel – Sky 203, every Sunday at 4pm live and repeats on Saturday at 8pm. [jwplayer config=”Vid for page” mediaid=”37742″]


Finding Answers

Finding Answers has been created as a live platform for real people to express how they overcame very real situations after receiving the right help. Its honest and interactive approach means that viewers are free to participate in each 45-minute programme by commenting on topics raised or by presenting questions to the host, guest speaker or testimonial.

There is an option to find help off air by calling the programme and requesting to be included for prayer or to have a one-to-one advice session over the phone during the broadcast.

Life can have its toils and troubles and problems come to everyone. How can we solve our problems effectively so that they don’t define our future in a negative way? This is what this programme aim to address.

Worried about something you can’t control? Feeling alone and scared? Don’t know how to handle a situation that you are in? Confused about why something happening to you? Don’t know how to make things better?

Watch Finding Answers live on My Channel Sky 203 at 10.45pm weekdays. Alternatively please visit the FAQ section where you can ask special guest,  Bishop Celso Junior, for his thoughts and answers on any general problems that you are facing.

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