Monthly Events

General Soul Winning meeting

When you meet God personally through a spiritual encounter, He changes you for the better. The natural consequence is a desire to share this joy of knowing Him with others so that they too can benefit.

When:Every 2nd Sunday of the month  Venue: Rainbow Theatre   

Gathering of the Nations

On the last Friday of every month, members of the UCKG HelpCentre London wide gather at the Headquarters of the Rainbow Theatre for the Gathering of the Nations.

When:Every last Friday of the month  Venue: Rainbow Theatre   

The Lord’s Supper

During this special celebration, you will take part in the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of the old life God took you from, and celebrate the new life you now have with Him.

When:Every 2nd Wednesday and last Sunday of the month  Venue: All UCKG HelpCentres   

Blessing of the Children

Whether a baby, toddler, teen or even an adult, every parent wants the best for their child. But while we are limited in what we can provide for our kids, God isn’t.

When:Every last Sunday of the month  Venue: All UCKG HelpCentres   

Baptism in Water

Have you ever wanted to take your life, crumple it up, throw it away and start all over again? You can.

When:Every Sunday  Venue: All UCKG HelpCentres   

Tithers’ Consecration

Faithful tithers will be consecrated. Those who are determined to see themselves at the top for the glory of God shouldn’t miss this.

When:Every 1st Sunday of the month  Venue: All UCKG HelpCentres   


Programmes Sponsored by the UCKG:

UCKG Radio Programmes (Mon-Fri):

  • 06:00 The Workers Prayer
  • 10:30 Love Therapy (Live)
  • 10:45 Finding Answers (Live)
  • 19:00 Pearls & Perils (Thursday only)
  • 22:00 Be Inspired (Live)