Prayer of agreement on Mount Carmel

The prayer of agreement with Bishop Celso Junior was broadcast live from Mount Carmel.

Date:Wednesday 17th December 2014 at 10am     

Faith-based treatment

During the week, you should use the water for whatever purpose your faith requires.

Date:Sunday 14th December at 10am     

Night of Fire

What if we told you that there is a kind of fire which could bring a revival to your life?

Date:Friday 5th December at 10pm     

Rebuilding your altar

Elijah prayed and the fire came down, but would it have come down if the altar was still in ruins?

Date:Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday     

Tithers’ Consecration

Solomon was and will always be the wealthiest king ever to walk this Earth.

Date:Sunday 7th December at 10am     

Be Inspired – Campaign Special

Join Bp Celso Junior every day during the Campaign of Mount Carmel at 12 Midday & 10pm

Date: Every weekday at 12 Midday & 10pm      

The Day of the Last Chance

To you! I am writing to say that I miss you! I counted my sheep and one was missing… YOU!

Date: Sunday 30th November at 10am     


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