Case Studies

“I was the problem”

I came to the UK with the intention of trying to establish my own life for the good of my children. Back home, I was only able to make ends meet and couldn’t provide for them the way I wanted to.


A change of direction

I started smoking weed at the age of 12 because I thought it was normal. Everyone else was doing it, so why couldn’t I?



The abuse that Stephanie Steadman suffered at a tender age paved the way for a string of negative events, which turned her from a happy child into a victim of all types of abuse.


Coming out on top

My story has a sad beginning. With a childhood that was lacking a father and a home that looked like hell, my mother, brothers and I were all sad and oppressed.


Saved from the street life!

My brother was involved in many gang-related activities. He used to sell and smoke weed; he would get into a lot of fights with people around our area…


From the streets to property owner

From an early age, I already faced many adversities, which unfortunately had their negative effects while growing up.


I couldn’t hold my baby

I had always dreamt of using my hands to bring my imagination to life.



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