Bishop Edir Macedo

The Altar is not unjust

Whenever we receive a gift, regardless of its sentimental value, it is normal to evaluate it, even if we do this unconsciously.


Tough old world

We live in a world of illusions and lies. Hollywood, for example, influences and fills the hearts of many people with fantasies that deceive them.


God’s warning sign

Although cruel and sometimes unbearable, pain isn’t all that bad. It’s a sign that there’s something wrong with our body. It’s a way for our physical body to cry out for help.


A Revelation

Let not the mighty man glory in his might;


One person, two realities

We all have two realities: our reality and God’s reality. Our reality is the one we see and live, where we are surrounded by our family, friends and acquaintances.


You must try it!

A wise man challenged everyone to ask him any question about the Christian faith as he didn’t believe in it.


The blind girl

There was a blind girl who hated the fact that she had been born blind. She also hated everyone, except her boyfriend.



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