Thousands Learn to Love Intelligently

There was a full house at The SSE Arena, Wembley yesterday (Sunday, September 28) when in excess of 11,000 people…

Category: Community Outreach | Church | Women | Youths   Date: 29 September 2014   

Learn to Love Intelligently – The Love School Returns to London

The Love School will be returning to London at The SSE Arena, Wembley (formerly the Wembley Arena) for one day…

Category: Community Outreach | Women | Youths   Date: 11 August 2014   

VYG Youths Clean Up Finsbury Park

15 youths from the UCKG HelpCentre’s Victory Youth Group (VYG) have been making all the difference…

Category: Community Outreach | Youths   Date: 28 July 2014   

Intensive Clean Up for South Norwood Country Park

A formerly neglected area of the Country Park in Albert Road, South Norwood now looks good…

Category: Community Outreach | Youths   Date: 28 July 2014   

Youths Clean Up Peckham Rye Wild Life Garden

A transformation took place at the community wildlife garden in Peckham Rye Park on Saturday July…

Category: Community Outreach | Youths   Date: 28 July 2014   

Youths Rejuvenate Castlehaven Park

The Victory Youth Group (VYG), made an impressive start to the clean up of Castlehaven Community Park in Camden…

Category: Community Outreach | Youths   Date: 15 June 2014   

Jewellery workshop links lone parents to local support group

A friendly, helpful atmosphere at the recent single parents’ jewellery making workshop in the Andover Estate’s…

Category: Community Outreach | Women   Date: 10 June 2014   



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