1,200 Women Start to Break Cycle of Pain and Hurt

overcoming the pain and hurts of the past and leaving them in the past where they belong, drew an audience of about 1,200 women…

Category: Community Outreach | Church Date: 27 February 2015   

VYG Youths Learn to ‘Upload Live!

UCKG HelpCentre’s youth group, enjoyed a day of free digital master classes as guests at Upload Live with Barclays…

Category: Community Outreach | Youths Date: 26 February 2015   

Barclays Bank and UCKG HelpCentre Team Up to Get Seniors Online

Community Outreach Department were delighted to accept an offer of free IT training for seniors from Barclays bank…

Category: Community Outreach | Date: 26 February 2015   

Three bring ‘Warm and Well’ to older Peckham residents

For frail older people, warmth and good food are key to keeping healthy through the chilly winter days…

Category: Community Outreach | Church | Date: 19 February 2015   

Ladies! Learn to Step Out of the Past

One case study will show women how to let go of stifling grudges and love and value themselves…

Category: Community | Church | Women Date: 18 February 2015   

Exemplary Youths Rewarded with Awards Presentation at the Rainbow Theatre

Over 1,000 young people together with family members and friends attended the Victory Youth Group’s (VYG) V-Day…

Category: Church | Youths Date: 11 February 2015   

1,580 Turn Out for Leeds HelpCentre Launch

Describing itself as ‘far more than a church’, the UCKG HelpCentre aims to provide practical, emotional and…

Category: Community Outreach | Church Date: 4 February 2015   



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