Wise Choice or Expensive Mistake?

One of the biggest decisions for families these days is: Should the kids go to university? For those towards the top of the social scale, a ‘yes’ has always been the obvious…

Category: Youths   Date: 10 March 2014   

Beauty Over Brains

So, in a world where being beautiful far outranks being intellectually interesting, how does one find the right partner and maintain a long term relationship?..

Category: Women | Youths   Date: 7 March 2014   

Shame on the UN

In the light of EU-wide research on the domestic and sexual abuse of women, which has just received extensive media coverage…

Category: Community Outreach | Women   Date: 5 March 2014   

Social media or social skills?

If you believe that young people are great with social media but lack the basic social skills that oil the wheels of daily life…

Category: Community Outreach | Youths   Date: 3 March 2014   

Addiction or Force of Habit?

It could be time to take a look at whatever we do that might be obsessive and deal with the bad habits before there is any question of them becoming addictions, just in case…

Category: Community Outreach | Church   Date: 28 February 2014   

Never too Early to Start Planning…

Planning ahead is a strength that many women have. It’s something that comes naturally, especially when it concerns one of the most important…

Category: Women   Date: 26 February 2014   

Giving is Receiving

Some people take it to mean that we should look after our families and friends before helping outsiders Others would say that we should help the poor and disadvantaged…

Category: Community Outreach | Church   Date: 24 February 2014   



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