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  • The 9th step to excellence
    The 9th step to excellence

    Are you married or do you want to get married one day? Have you ever wondered what it means to be the perfect wife who builds a happy home? Ever considered this from the point of view of a man? For the ninth seminar on excellence last month, we had the privilege of having Bishop…

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  • The 8th step to excellence
    The 8th step to excellence

    Many women face many struggles as a result of one thing, which is the lack of being able to judge, as accurately as possible, between right and wrong. Well, in the 8th seminar on excellence that took place on Sunday, 21st August, we discovered more about this great ability that many women are lacking yes,…

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  • God feeds off our trust!
    God feeds off our trust!

    On Saturday July 16th, hundreds of women filled the Rainbow Theatre to attend the Godllywood’s 7th Self-Help seminar on excellence. The topic of this inspiring seminar was trusting in God. Mrs Claudia Brito, Bishop Randal’s wife, conducts the meeting on excellence. TV Presenter Chrissy B shared: “Amazing meeting once again. There was a particular phrase…

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  • Are you humble?
    Are you humble?

    If asked, most people would certainly consider themselves humble. Very few would admit to being proud or even arrogant. But, is that really true? We looked into what it truly meant to be humble. Many often think of being humble as being meek, having a humble background, being modest or even accepting less than pleasant treatment from others, but being humble is not being stepped over. It involves more than many people think.  Humility precedes exaltation To explain what humility is,…

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  • What makes you unique as a woman?
    What makes you unique as a woman?

    From within the womb, women’s brains are biologically different to men’s brains. High levels of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are secreted when we are hugged, caressed, loved, spoken to kindly, reinforced and cherished. Masculine traits: Aggression, competition, physical activity, sex, logic, achieving. Feminine traits: Family unity, communication, building bonds of trust, expressing love, creativity, nurturing.…

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  • The benefit of being humble
    The benefit of being humble

    If we were all asked, certainly many of us would consider ourselves humble people. Very few would admit to being proud or even arrogant. But, are we truly? During our Women’s Meeting on Sunday, we looked into what it truly meant to be humble. Many often think of being humble as being meek, having a humble background, being modest or…

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