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  • Do you have an ongoing issue in your life?
    Do you have an ongoing issue in your life?

    Curses are often seen as a myth in today’s society, however, many people suffer from negative occurrences in their lives. Curses are an ongoing issue among many and they tend to affect a person’s entire life or just one particular area. They are often called coincidences and have weakening effects on the victim. If you…

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  • Berlin Lorry Attack
    Berlin Lorry Attack

    It has been reported that there has been a lorry attack in Berlin, leaving 12 dead and 48 people injured. Even though it has not been confirmed by German officials, many believe this was an act of terrorism. The suspect, who is believed to be a Pakistani asylum seeker, is currently being questioned. What happened?…

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  • I was meant to live a live of suffering
    I was meant to live a live of suffering

      My childhood was no fairy tale, but more like a living nightmare! By the time I was 16 years old, I had already been sexually abused twice. This stirred up a lot of hatred and anger in me, and I became a very aggressive person. I was traumatised and became very rebellious person, who…

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  • I rebuilt my life around faith
    I rebuilt my life around faith

    Everything started going pear-shaped when I lost my mother. I started drinking at the age of 12, and I started involving myself with females. The cousins I lived with back in South Africa also had a huge influence on my actions. I would hate going home because I felt empty. Eventually, I left the country…

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  • A completely new person
    A completely new person

    “Growing up, I never believed I could be truly happy. I saw my dad mistreating my mum and, having seen my older sisters experience similar issues in their relationships, it led me to believe my life would pan out the same.” Although Kelejatu was intent on steering her life in a positive direction, she would…

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  • Happiness that never leaves
    Happiness that never leaves

      My self-esteem was very low, so I would try to catch other people’s attention through how I dressed and the things I said. I felt unintelligent and unattractive to the extent that I would rip up any family picture I was in. On the one hand, my low self-esteem turned me into a shy…

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  • Nothing to lose
    Nothing to lose

    Nothing to Lose is an exciting new programme, which launched on Monday, 18th July, 2016 at 8.00pm on VOX Africa, Sky Channel 218, a multi-award winning television provider, and will run for 25 minutes each time. Presented by Bishop Randal Brito, each episode will feature three segments – Be Energised, Real Talk and the Divine…

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  • Juliana Silva

    For me, the visit to the biblical garden at the Temple of Solomon was inexplicable. I learnt things that I didn’t know before like how the different objects of the tabernacle were organised in the form of the cross. Something that stood out to me was how holy the tabernacle was. An individual could not enter it…

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