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  • Is there a decree in YOUR life?
    Is there a decree in YOUR life?

    According to the Oxford dictionary, a decree is an official order that has the force of law. Decrees have the power to make things happen, but they also have the power to bring things to an end. The power of a decree is illustrated in the book of Esther. In chapter three, we see a…

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  • Faith-based treatment
    Faith-based treatment

    The Bible speaks of Samson, who was physically strong and without comparison. He was a judge at a time of Israel being formed, and it was at a fragile stage in its evolution. At this time, a small but well-prepared army of a thousand men attacked Israel, and Samson—alone with God—fought them and prevailed. He…

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  • Do you have an ongoing issue in your life?
    Do you have an ongoing issue in your life?

    Curses are often seen as a myth in today’s society, however, many people suffer from negative occurrences in their lives. Curses are an ongoing issue among many and they tend to affect a person’s entire life or just one particular area. They are often called coincidences and have weakening effects on the victim. If you…

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