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  • Learning the importance of family
    Learning the importance of family

      “I was sent to boarding school at a young age, which meant that I did not have much contact with my family. As a result, I felt lonely, as if no one loved or cared for me. “Before going to school, I lived with my dad and two older sisters. I admired my sisters…

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  • By faith, we have built the family dream
    By faith, we have built the family dream

      ‘How could you say that about me?’ ‘How could you do this to us?’ ‘I am not staying here if you don’t see you’re wrong!’ ‘You are unrecognisable right now!” ‘You clearly never loved me!” ‘If I see you in the street, I will run you over!’ “These were some of the damning remarks…

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  • I then turned to God in faith…
    I then turned to God in faith…

      “My son had an immigration problem so I sought advice and help from two solicitors. However, they both informed me that it was unlikely I would get a positive response from the Home Office with regard to my son. Having heard this, I then turned to God in faith and used the rose. I…

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  • My family are now reconciled!
    My family are now reconciled!

      Using the rose in my house was a blessing; I saw the power of God and reconciliation among my family. I used the rose because there was a disagreement between two of my family members that resulted in neither talking to the other. So, with the rose, I touched the family picture and prayed…

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  • Our family reunion
    Our family reunion

      Agony and torment were the only things left after certain events took place in the Cassandra family. Never once did it cross their minds that there was hope after great despair. Find out how this family was able to break away from being one more statistic. Lídia: “Just leave, get out; I can’t take…

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  • The family bond is restored
    The family bond is restored

      Before I came to the UK, I lived in Spain for roughly 17 years. I left Spain with my youngest child and came to UK as a way of running away from my problems. However, I didn’t tell my older children because I was angry with them and we were not on speaking terms.…

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  • Today I have found peace and joy
    Today I have found peace and joy

      Once upon a time, I was held hostage by a number of problems in my life. Some of these were uncontrollable temper, fear, and inner issues. My temper was so bad that my husband feared that I would hurt the children. My family and I had survived a fire caused by lightning that destroyed…

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  • There’s nothing like family
    There’s nothing like family

      “Growing up was difficult for my siblings and me; we witnessed my father violently abusing my mother many times, and my mother would also abuse my siblings and me; it was like a domino effect. It was very daunting for us as, in a family where there was meant to be love and care…

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  • A perfect match
    A perfect match

      Franklin: “I had previously been engaged twice; however, I have never been married. I soon gave up on my love life and became uninterested in marriage. When I attended the HelpCentre, I noticed that the UCKG members talked about their love lives in a positive way; some of my friends were married but they…

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  • A new pillar in my life
    A new pillar in my life

      “Growing up, my parents separated, so it was up to my mother and grandmother to raise my sisters and me.” “It was difficult not having a positive male role model around, while at the same time seeing my mother struggling to raise us. I kept all these feelings to myself and would not tell…

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